Make a benchmark of your leadership profile. Come home with a clear plan for your development, and with tools you can use the next day to be a better leader and transform your organization.

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Do you know what it takes to be a leader in the Future Of Work? Does your company have what it takes?

The world is chaotic

In a constantly changing, rapidly moving world, you as the leader are facing a new set of challenges and requirements from your employees, your peer leaders, your top management, and not least from your customers and the market.

Are you ready for that? Or do you just sit back while your platform is burning?

5 areas of the Future Of Work

Future Of Work and New Leadership requires an updated mindset, and a new set of skills and behaviors. We’ll focus on these 5 areas, and discuss the mindset, skills and behavior that’s required.

5 areas of Future Of Work

Our PUK Leadership Benchmark

Our PUK Leadership Benchmark gives you:

  • A map of your organizations AS-IS and TO-BE profile, to see how ready you and your colleagues are for the Future Of Work.
  • A map of your personal AS-IS and TO-BE profile, and highlights what areas you should work on and strengthen in order to be a great and fantastic leader.

You get

  • An understanding of the need to transform your organization
  • A thorough introduction to the 5 areas of the Future Of Work
  • A walk-through of the requirements to New Leadership
  • A map of your organizations leadership profile, in the light of New Leadership
  • A map of your personal leadership profile
  • Practical tools, you can use immediately
  • A personal development plan
  • Your own copy of the book “The Mindset Of A Leader”

Information and sign-up

Target group: Top managers and middle managers
09:00-16:00 (one-day course)
Date: 30-Mar-2016
Place: DARE2mansion, Vermundsgade 13-15, 2100 København Ø – a creative center, handpicked to provoke your mind
Facilitators: Erik Korsvik Østergaard and Line Bloch
Language: Danish or English, depending on the crowd. You can select your language when you sign up.
Number of seats: 16. If less than 6 sign up, we find another date.
Price: 5,000 DKK excl. VAT
10% discount, if 3 or more from the same company signs up.
If you cancel up to 14 days before, you’ll get it all refunded.
If you cancel less than 14 days before, you’ll get 50% refunded.

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The final 3 arguments for showing up

  • Because the world is chaotic, and you need to be able to handle that.
  • Because you need to know what’s required as a leader
  • Because your employees will love you for it – and so will you

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