Make a benchmark of your leadership profile. Get home with a clear plan for your development, and with tools you can use the next day to be a better leader and transform your organization. Join this conversation-based workshop/course to learn more.


Do you have what it takes to be a leader in the future?

5 areas of Future Of WorkOrganizations are facing tough challenges because of the global megatrends, the digital age, and a new set of demands from employees, especially from the millennials.

These megatrends (including disruptive technologies) are driving business forward, and forcing new behavior into organizations, leaders, and employees.

Organizations that are agile and can transform, adapt and respond to this are more likely to outperform their peers, and can attract and retain the talent, have healthier cultures, and improved financials.

Are you ready for that? Or do you just sit back while your platform is burning?

It requires:

  • Holism – A new holistic approach to strategy, leadership, and people, with an updated mindset and skill-set for you and your leaders.
  • Responsiveness – Trimming and redefining your organization and culture to respond fast enough.
  • Entrepreneurship – A redesign of the way you organize work, constant innovation, internal startups, and a portfolio approach

This session will give you the relevant insight and motivation, and prepare you for the journey – with your management team.

Target group for the session: Top managers, middle managers, delivery managers, project managers

You get

  • An understanding of the need to transform your organization
  • A thorough introduction to the 5 areas of the Future Of Work
  • A walk-through of the requirements to New Leadership
  • A map of your organizations leadership profile, in the light of New Leadership
  • Tools and approaches, you can use immediately
  • … and we’ll discuss the robo-boss and the rise of social robotics

Why is this relevant for you?

Because …

The world is changing, and you need to be able to handle that
You need to know what’s required as a leader
Your employees will love you for it – and so will you

Because …

The millennial employees request new behavior.
They want purpose, development, mentoring, ongoing conversations, a focus on strengths, and a holistic approach to life.
Can you deliver that?

Erik Korsvik Østergaard has worked with leadership, change management, and organizational transformation in +15 years, as department manager, project manager and consultant – and has a burning passion for leadership and engagement.

Erik has concrete experience with Future of Work in organizations, and a long list of personal Danish cases, that he has worked with and helped transform.


Time: 15:00-17:00
Date: 23-Nov-2016
Place: Somewhere in Copenhagen, to be announced
Language: Danish or English, depending on the crowd. You can select your language when you sign up.
Price: 495 DKK excl. VAT
10% discount, if 3 or more from the same company signs up.

Agenda and content:

You get

Inspiration, an update on trends, and input from peer companies.

A shared language and  understanding with your colleagues and management group.

Concrete tools you can apply personally, and back in your organisation.

My learnings and experience – and mistakes.

Part 1: Future of Work

A walk-though of the trends and impediments we face as managers when we build organisations that are fit for Future Of Work.

We will focus on new behaviours, technology, millennials, mobility, and globalisation.

Part 2: Future of Leadership

What are the new demands for leadership?
How can I organize and motivate my team?
What is expected from me as manager?

Get input on tools and approaches, and on how to make the change stick through engagement and continuous involvement.

And learn how important you are as top/middle manager.