What I really like is the fact that the organization seems to have a lot of trust in you, AND that you have actual practical experience – not just what you have read in a book”
– Executive Vice President, large financial organization

My leader group and I have been working with Erik to establish – amongst other things – an ONA (Organisational Network Analysis) in Bolius with the purpose of creating a organization which enables the employs to work more effectively in networks within the company. It has been very effective. Erik is focusing on the positive side to develop each individual to become a better “networker”. As Erik himself is “ looking at the bright side of life” this attitude shines through and motivates people, and that is so great”
– Ulrik Heilmann, CEO, Bolius

The ultimate question: How likely are you to recommend Bloch&Østergaard to a friend or colleague?

Our Net Promoter Score is 88 (above 70 is considered “excellent”)

NPS-en(Average answer: 9,6)

What value have we created, according to our customers?

“Shared understanding and coherence. Clear messages”.

“New inspiration. Maintaining focus. Possibility for sparring.”

“Attention to the importance of the employee as the ‘glue’ of the organization.”

“Good sparring on HR challenges”.

“Deep insight into how UNBOSS can be implemented in an IT department.”

“Inspiration to working with more purpose-driven leadership.”

“It will lead to more collaboration and happier employees.”

“A genuine input towards increased happiness at work”

Our customers describe us as



“Thanks for a super presentation – spot on.”
– Project Director, Novo Nordisk

“Thank you for an inspiring evening”
– HR department, Dagrofa ApS

“Thank you for an inspiring input on purpose driven leadership – I have already moved UNBOSS in the boardrooms today”
– Digital Business Advisor, Progressive IT

“Thank you for a truly inspiring lecture on a very interesting topic at House & Co tonight. It was absolutely fantastic! ”
– Management Consultant, Public Intelligence

“It is obvious that your knowledge of UNBOSS is high, but you still manage to make a fairly complex subject understandable to all. ”
– Department Manager and Project Manager, Stofa

“Thank you for a very inspiring talk!”
– Specialists Coordinator, Centre for Special Education for Adults

“Thank you very much! It was very inspiring. ”
– Specialist, Job & Resources, City of Copenhagen

“Thank you for a lovely evening yesterday. I got a lot of takehomes! Today’s word has been “purpose” and it has been a super wonderful experience. I think you did really well yesterday, the material was super good, you were good at getting the message through and you were incredibly good at involving all in the dialogue.”
– Head of Department, Novo Nordisk

“Thank you Erik for a very inspiring evening. A lot of good inspiration to all. ”
– Application Consultant, DONG Energy

“Thank you for a great and inspiring presentations! This is what I have tried to do for years – without having the proper framework ”
– Senior Project Manager, Ramboll

“Thank you for a very inspiring and instructive lecture – and super cool to put words on what you do. I have a lot I want to learn from you! ”
– Senior Consultant and Project Manager, Ramboll