5 areas of Future Of Work

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The PUK Leadership survey is a questionnaire that looks at the characteristics of different types of organizations, and the connected leadership style.

The questions are split into 4 different areas:
1: Purpose and direction
2. Innovation
3. Culture
4. Organizing and delivery

The outcome of the survey will provide you with information on what type your organization predominantly is, and how it differs from the other types.

Once you’ve submitted the survey we’ll analyze it (for free) and return to you in a few days with the result and our advice and thoughts (for free).

This will guide you on where to put your focus, when you wish to develop the organization (or unit) into the future – or gain a new leadership style.

You can choose to evaluate either:
– a team/department
– a business unit/area
– an entire organization

So the process is:
Fill in the survey -> submit -> we’ll analyze -> we’ll contact you via email or phone.

Note that we will of course keep all information provided strictly confidential and only use anonymized data if presented.

It is really for free?

 Yes. You only pay by getting signed up to the newsletter – which you always can unsubscribe.


Go to the survey  >>