We’re a leadership advisory company. We solve problems like these

Better collaboration: Helping organizations to collaborate better across business units, and across borders

Better organizational design: Organizational transformations into the new leadership paradigm via purpose, trust, involvement, empowerment, fairness, and freedom – to embrace fast and agile changes, and to create the best possible employee-driven culture

Better innovation culture: Establishing a culture of innovation and robustness in order to stay attractive and competitive

Better managers: Coaching of top- and middle managers through 6 month mentor programmes

Better delivery methods: Implementing project oriented approaches, including agile models and PMO’s

Our services cover

C-level executive advisory and management consulting
Leadership Programs from A to Z, both business case, design, launch, practical implementation, training, and hand-over
Organizational transformations and change management
Public speaking and inspiration
Social business initiatives and engagements, e.g. roll-out of Yammer
Employee happiness through relations and results


approach to future of work

The WHY – The Purpose

We strive to help you build organizations that are fit for the future and for human beings.
We believe in purpose-driven leadership and organizations
We believe in doing well by doing good.
We believe that happy employees are more loyal and more productive. They create happy customers, thereby creating better financials
We believe that work should be nice, great and awesome!


So, how do we do that?
By ensuring that both strategy, leadership, and HR are part of the C-level debate and decisions
By ensuring that everything makes sense – with THE PURPOSE in focus.
By creating a culture and an environment where focus is on engagement, relationships, happiness at work, and motivation.
By creating effect through a transparent and involving strategy that leads to concrete, meaningful actions.
By ensuring that your leadership is inclusive and challenging.

In other words, by focusing on what we are and what we do


Practical implementation of all the activities in the leadership program, e.g. covering (but not limited to):

Help you identify the purpose of your unit
Leadership development and engagement
Design organizations that are fit for future, agile, and flexible
Training of managers and leaders (1-3 day courses, and longer engagement for groups of managers)
Social business and social selling, with and without IT, e.g. Yammer, LinkedIn, Twitter
Employee advocacy
Working with employee happiness
Organizational Transformation
Organizational Change Management
Personal leadership (based on DiSC, Insight, Korn Ferry, MBTI etc.)
Practical use of motivation theory
The Strategic Architecture for ensuring engagement and effect, and creating value
Team dynamics
Cross-border/cross-cultural leadership and collaboration
Agile/SCRUM implementation
Organizational Network Analysis

Our cause

is to make it happen – for organizations, for employees, and business partners everywhere – by establishing purpose-driven leadership, collaboration, social business/knowledge management systems, and cultures with happiness at work.