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We make sure that you can shape your future

In a world that changes fast, "best practice" is not enough. We help you with next practice leadership and adaptability via advisory, training, coaching, hands-on change management, and guidance. We enable you to establish and nurture a motivated, self-organized team and organization; employees who balances leadership and follower-ship, and who are engaged in the workplace in a healthy way. And, we do that to support UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, "Decent work and economic growth".
We enable you to create an organization where people want to show up. We focus on four things: RESEARCH - to understand the trends in technology, leadership, organizations, and sociology. INSPIRE - via key notes, public speaking, the book, our podcast, our blog, and our media appearances. ENABLE - via courses, seminars, training sessions, mentoring, coaching, and the free tools. DRIVE - via our long engagements with customers, transforming them and enabling them to shape their future


On C-level, focusing on strategy, leadership, innovation, and culture in the light of Future Of Work


Benchmarking your company and personal profile. Designing your way forward. Are you ready for the Future Of Work?


From A to Z, both business case, design, launch, practical implementation, training, and hand-over.


and change management, employee engagement, finding the role models, and making sure it sticks.


and inspirational talks, at summits, seminars, kick-offs or projects 



Personal mentor engagements, fitted especially to your needs



For leaders and management teams, both Leading Business, Leading Leaders, and Leading Others


Mapping the informal real network, finding the strengths and weaknesses in your organization


This is who we are

Puk Falkenberg


(B. 1988) Focus on organisational change management and digital tools for collaboration, communication, and social media in the modern workplace. M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration with a focus on organisational change management. Bachelor in German Language and Literature.

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Jonas Bladt Hansen


(B. 1977) Experienced leader within internal communication, enterprise IT platforms and applications, and organizational change management. Master of strategy, leadership, and organization from CBS. Seasoned speaker on employee experience and modern internal communication in large enterprises.

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Line Bloch


(B. 1971) More than 17 years of real-life experience as department manager, project manager, senior specialist and programme manager at Novo Nordisk A/S. Master of Science. Practitioner of ITIL, Service Management. Certified SCRUM master.

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Arbresh Useini

Business Analyst

(B. 1990) Master in business management, diploma in business accounting, and NLP coach.

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Erik Korsvik Østergaard


(B. 1973) Experienced leader, department manager, project/program manager. Master of Science from Technical University of Copenhagen. EBA in cross-cultural project management.

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Valuable tools

All tools and documents here are FREE! Please take them, download, share, apply, use! We'd be happy if you provide a reference, but that's not important. Important is, that you and your organization benefit from it. The tools also exist as PowerPoint, if you want them. Just let us know, and we'll send it to you.


Our free ebook: A description of the mindset behind the reinvented leadership in the beginning of the 21st century, a mindset you could call conscious leadership.



Do you know what the Future Of Work means to your organization? See this guide, with the 10 most prominent characteristics and elements.



A guide to designing a leadership programme in eight steps. Contains the process, the flow and feedback loops, and descriptions of the phases..



Inner motivation is far more powerful and lasts longer than external motivation. Here's a poster you can hang on your wall, and a guide for using it.



This guide helps you understand and design your personal development plan, in the light of New Leadership. Revisit the plan every two months.



Want more? Here is a selection of our most popular presentations, models, and guides. Remember to visit the blog section for inspiring articles.



The world is changing

Organizations and leaders are facing tough challenges and huge opportunities at the same time. The world is VUCA - vulnerable, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The world is affected by megatrends, e.g. the digital age and a new set of demands from employees. This gives us the obligation and possibility to shape our future - and be part of creating a better world. Organizations that have purposeful direction and distributed ledership, and that are innovative, agile, and can adapt and respond to this are more likely to succeed. They outperform their peers, attract and retain the talent, have healthier cultures, and improved financials. But, what are the new demands for leadership? How can you organize and motivate your team? What is expected from you as manager?

Your organization should be a place, where people want to show up!

Yes, it’s as simple as that: work should be nice. And great. And awesome. If it’s not, you should change it. Why choose to be in something, that leaves you unhappy? A great organization comes from a few clear things: Your are trusted, safe, and supported Your work has to be meaningful and purpose-driven. You need engagement and relationships. You must create value and results for the employees, for customers, and for society. You as the CEO has to take lead to make it happen. You are the role model. You go first.

Today's problems are just too big to ignore

The "Global Grand Challenges" are very well described by Singularity University: Learning. Water. Space. Health. Prosperity. Environment Food. Energy. Security. Disaster Resilience. Governance. Shelter. The 17 Sustainable Goals as described by the UN are fully in line with this. We work to support goal number 8, "Decent work and economic growth". We envision a world, where these global problems are solved through technology and global collaboration. This requires radical new approaches to direction, leadership, innovation, and company culture.

Our purpose – our WHY!

We contribute to solving these problems by focusing on the human capabilities in the organizations; by focusing on direction, leadership, innovation, and culture, both on C-level and everywhere in the organizations; by enabling next practice leadership and adaptability; by establishing and nurturing direction, leadership, innovation, and culture at organizations, who strive to fight the Global Grand Challenges. We enable you to shape your future. We enable you to create a workplace where freedom is at center, not fear. We want to create organizations, where people want to show up. This is our WHY. Anything we do and say will support this.


We've helped Arla, BEC, BESTSELLER, Bolius, COWI, Danske Bank, DR, DJØF, DSB, Finansforbundet, IDA, Lederne, Maersk Line, NNIT, Novo Nordisk, Nykredit, ProActive, Pingala, Red Barnet (Save the Children), SimCorp, SKAT, V2C, and Ørsted (prev. DONG Energy) - and many others.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 75, with average rate 9.5 on the 0-10 scale. People describe us as Brave, Caring, Curious, Empathetic, Engaged, Expert, Flexible, Insightful, Intellectual, Knowledgeable, Methodical, Organized, Passionate, Rational, and Visionary. Our personal approach is the difference between us and the other consultants, the customers say (ref. our customer survey)
Vi har haft fornøjelsen af at arbejde med sammen med Erik Østergaard fra Bloch&Østergaard det seneste år i forbindelse med en stor transformationsproces. Erik har bidraget med nye værktøjer, herunder konkret hvorledes de anvendes. Erik har været en god sparringspartner undervejs, bl.a. om hvorledes vi har skulle korrigere vores planer. Endelig har Erik kunne bidrage med konkret erfaring i at arbejde på tværs af landegrænser og etablering af et Project Management Office. Det har været en stor fordel at have Erik som en ekstra ressource til at drive processen fremad. Erik’s positive holdning og meget praktiske tilgang, har betydet at vi har haft en god transformationsproces. Alt i alt har vi været meget tilfredse med en ydelse Erik har leveret til os, og jeg kan varmt anbefale Bloch&Østergaard.

Jens Jakob Svanholt

Senior Vice President, Danske Bank
I torsdags var jeg så heldig, at jeg havde en gæsteforelæsning på UCN af Erik Korsvik Østergaard - en meget inspirerende herre, der satte en hel del tanker i gang hos mig. Jeg blev så betaget af hans formidlingsevne og er stadig blæst fuldstændig bagover af hans fantastiske oplæg. Skal man frygte den digitalisering der har taget os alle med storm? Jeg spurgte Erik - "Hvis der er så meget fart over samfundet, kan det så betale sig, at man allerede i 9.klasse skal bestemme sig for, hvad man skal resten af livet?" (Jeg er selv mor til 3 piger og har da frygtet deres fremtid.) Man skal ikke længere vide hvad man skal lave resten af sit liv. Som Erik formidlede på absolut bedste vis - man skal inddele sit liv i episoder og sige "hvad vil jeg i næste episode af mit liv?" - Det er da så rigtigt. Episoder... Jeg vil i min næste episode skabe en fremtid i den finansielle sektor (bank og realkreditbranchen) og være med til at skrive digital historie.

Betina Faigh

Finansøkonom, UCN
My leader group and I have been working with Erik to establish – amongst other things – an ONA (Organisational Network Analysis) in Bolius with the purpose of creating a organization which enables the employs to work more effectively in networks within the company. It has been very effective. Erik is focusing on the positive side to develop each individual to become a better “networker”. As Erik himself is “looking at the bright side of life” this attitude shines through and motivates people, and that is so great!

Ulrik Heilmann

CEO, Bolius
Working with and learning from Erik has been a fantastic journey. With a fresh mind, constructive feedback and always a positive attitude, he helps people embrace changes and get management to understand the need for happy and curious employees. My development was supported by Erik’s experience and ideas, and can honestly say that he carries a big responsibility in my improvements as a leader. I would not hesitate using and recommending Erik to others, he’s personality, bright mind and experience creates the full package.

Frederik Nybo Petersen

Head of Rating & Retail Modeling, Danske Bank
Being a part of Eriks mentoring program has significantly helped me identify and reach my goals. I believe that Erik's approach to purpose driven leadership combined with his ability to observe and to challenge any given situation has helped me in reaching a higher potential.

Claus Højland Bergh Hansen

Manager, DONG Energy Wind Power

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