Use coaching dialogues as an integrated part of your leadership

Having coaching dialogues with employees is an integrated part of the modern leadership. It makes it easier for the employees to be heard, and as a leader you’ll be able to better understand what motivates the employees. The coaching dialogue is also an important part of personal growth for employees to achieve their full potential. It is however a difficult field to master, as misunderstanding is an inevitable part of communication.


How Internal Communication delivers business value in the future

Internal Communication is not about producing news anymore. I sincerely believe that. Actually, it should never have been about that in the first place. But since this was perceived as a way to showcase the value of Internal Communication, I guess that’s why some perceive internal communication as being those guys who produce the employee magazine and the news for the Intranet.


Does your organization have the capabilities of the future?

The rate and impact of change in the business world is unprecedented (watch Gary Hamel, Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishments, 2011 on YouTube), and instills an urgency of change in our organizations, and in ourselves. However, it’s hard to change without knowing what to change towards. You need a useful reference point. A guiding point. Something that is somewhat stable – or at least gives a sense of stability.

Several leadership thinkers point towards a higher focus on capabilities, your HOW, rather than your production directly, your WHAT. So, why not let the guiding point for change be your organizational capabilities that you need for the future of work?


News: Jonas Bladt Hansen joins as our new Advisor

It’s with great joy that we welcome Jonas Bladt Hansen as our new Advisor!

I’ve known Jonas for some 5 years, working with him on enterprise collaboration projects and strategic challenges of global communication, and have gotten to learn him as a visionary, ambitious, forward-thinking man.

Previously Jonas held the position as Director and Head of Internal Global Communication at the large Danish international dairy company Arla.

Jonas will be advising organizations on the Future of Leadership, Digital Transformation and Employee Experience Design. In its essence, it’s about creating great workplaces where people love to show up!

In particular he will be focusing on how technology shapes the future and how organizations can reap the benefits of the technological development, especially within the fields of leadership, innovation, collaboration and change communication.

AND he’s a great speaker on Employee Experience, modern internal communication, and organizational change management. Look out for that!


Staying relevant in the Future of Work by re-framing your Blue Ocean


Staying relevant – both to employees and to customers – in the modern business world is a strategic challenge with new aspects to it. Driven by development in technology (e.g. digitization) and society (e.g. the growth in gig workers), this is both an impediment and an opportunity to re-frame your understanding of how to stay in so-called Blue Ocean. This blog posts puts light on how to do this.