We are having a book party, and you are invited!

The event will start of with a warm welcome by LID publishing, followed by a talk from Erik. Erik will take you through the book in a short talk and a following Q&A session. The talk will be about:

  • The five guiding principles of the future of work
  • The five areas they are affecting
  • The new role and behaviour of leaders
  • The new triple bottom line.

LID Publishing is the koordinator of this event, as well as being the publisher of the book.

Book launch for “The Responsive Leader”

Thursday the 8th of Martz

The book launch party is held at:
Waterstones – The Economist’s Bookshop
Clare Market, Portugal Street,
London, WC2A2AB



“This book is likely to become THE reference point for those of us who know we need to upgrade our Leadership Operating System”
– Perry Timms”

“Highly recommended to all my colleagues doing real work with real people for real organisations.”
– Lars Kolind