Special: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 – Day 2

The second day of the Global Peter Drucker Forum was even better than day one. Clearly, there is a movement ongoing; a willingness to change the way businesses and leadership works, based on tech and humanism. The goal is not only to create great workplaces where people want to show up, but also to play a vital part in society and to save the planet.

Here are our condensed take-homes from day two.


Does your organization have the capabilities of the future?

The rate and impact of change in the business world is unprecedented (watch Gary Hamel, Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishments, 2011 on YouTube), and instills an urgency of change in our organizations, and in ourselves. However, it’s hard to change without knowing what to change towards. You need a useful reference point. A guiding point. Something that is somewhat stable – or at least gives a sense of stability.

Several leadership thinkers point towards a higher focus on capabilities, your HOW, rather than your production directly, your WHAT. So, why not let the guiding point for change be your organizational capabilities that you need for the future of work?


Driving the change that innovation brings

Innovation always brings some form of change along the side. Thus, some is small, others big, change is inevitable when it comes to innovation. Considering these changes as a part of the innovation process is an advantage that will help you and your organization to better enabling new ways of working.

So, before you set sails and make speedboats and experiments, take a second to look at the blast radius as well as the sphere of influence. This will help you take your speedboats into harbor.