The Innovation Matrix

This Sunday we present the Innovation matrix model. It is predicted, that 40% of the fortune 500 companies will be gone or dramatically changed in 10 years, so innovation and continuous adaption to the market matters. We’ve seen the decline of many companies. Nokia, Blockbuster, and Kodak are the classical ones. Lately in Denmark we have seen Top-Toy/Fætter BR take the same path.


Special: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 – Day 2

The second day of the Global Peter Drucker Forum was even better than day one. Clearly, there is a movement ongoing; a willingness to change the way businesses and leadership works, based on tech and humanism. The goal is not only to create great workplaces where people want to show up, but also to play a vital part in society and to save the planet.

Here are our condensed take-homes from day two.


How our own speedboat ‘Hacktober’ became a success and what we learned

It all started with an idea – or maybe even a dream – more than a year ago. A dream of gathering 24 smart, crazy, curious and energetic people, and hack problems of the future. And like all other good dreams we began the adventure by buying the domain name Hacktober and never looked back. I’ll get back to the name later.

A few weeks and months passed by and we hadn’t done anything with the domain. We still haven’t. But what we decided to do after those month was to make a speedboat. A speedboat to experiment if the dream could come true.


Tool for Hypothesis-driven experimentation and innovation

When you launch innovation activities or projects, you never have a perfectly clear understanding of the outcome and output. You never know in detail, if your activities are worth the effort, and thus it’s hard to justify the funding and resources allocation. How can you claim, that the investment will be fruitful?

You need to embrace this amount of uncertainty and risk, but there is a safe way of doing so. It provides transparency in your train of thoughts and activities, and gives comfort to you, your team, and stakeholders: Use hypothesis-driven experiments.