Among the vast amount of books in our library, here’s a shortlist of inspiration, that we like and keep returning to, and highly recommend as start-point. Please let us know, if we should include something on the list!

About the future

Institutet for Fremtidsforskning: “Ude af kontrol” and “Anarconomy”​ (in Danish)
Peter Diamandis: “Abundance”​
Yuval Noah Harari: “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow”​
Steven Pinker: “Enlightenment NOW”​
Deloitte, paper: ”Global human capital trends”​ (PDF from 2016, 17 and 18)​

About new ways of leading

Simon Sinek: ”Start with why” and ”Leaders eat last” ​
Kolind/Bøtter: ”UNBOSS”​
Frederic Laloux: ”Reinventing organizations”​
David Marquet: ”Turn the ship around”​
Salim Ismail et al.: ”Exponential Organizations”​
Jurgen Appelo: “Managing for Happiness” and “Management 3.0
Erik Korsvik Østergaard: “The Responsive Leader

About change

Jason Little: “Lean Change Management
Braden Kelly: “Charting Change
Jurgen Appelo: “How to Change the World: Change Management 3.0
Morten Münster: “Jytte fra Marketing er desværre gået for i dag

About people

Daniel Pink: ”Drive – The surprising truth about what motivates people
Angela Duckworth: ”Grit”​
Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin: “The Neo-Generalist”​
Morten Albæk: “Ét liv Én tid Ét menneske
​Perry Timms: ”Transformational HR”​
Christian Ørsted: ”Livsfarlig ledelse”​
Henry Steward: ”The Happy Manifesto”​
Richard Sheridan: “Joy, inc.”​
Alexander Kjerulf: “Happy Hour is 9 to 5” and “Leading with Happiness

About strategy, innovation, and experiments

Jim Hagemann Snabe and Mikael Trolle: ”Dreams and details”​
Astrid Haug: ”Fremtiden tilhører de frygtløse” ​
Eric Ries: ”The Lean Start-up” and ”The Startup way”​
Alexander Osterwalder: ”Business Model Generation”​
Phillip Rosenzweig: ”The Halo Effect”​
Jacob Bøtter and Stine Mølgaard: “Fuck it, ship it

Podcasts, videos, and other media

Jacob Morgan: “The Future of Work Podcast”​
Videos by Anne Skare on Facebook
World Economic Forum on Instagram​
Gary Hamel, YouTube: ”Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment”​
Presidents Institute on YouTube
Jason Little: “Lean Change Management Podcast”
Our own podcast, “Fremtidens Ledelse To-Go”

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash Becca Tapert