On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about the future of work – and a bit more. Enjoy our collection of content on the future of work and hopefully, you’ll get inspired to take action creating organizations where people wants to show up!


03.12.2018: Special: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 – Day 2 (blog)

29.11.2018: Special: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 – Day 1 (blog)

24.10.2018: Special: The WorldBlu Freedom at Work Experience 2018 (blog)

30.07.2018: “Hvad er forskellen på social business og social selling?” (podcast in Danish by Social Selling Company)

18.02.2018: “Fremtidens ledelse”, part 1 and part 2, guest visit at Digitale Tanker about the next generation of leaders; the millennials as leaders (podcast in Danish)

17.11.2017: Special: Second day of Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017 (blog)

16.11.2017: Special: First day of Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017 (blog)

26.10.2017: Two-hour key note about the future leadership (video in Danish)

02.10.2017: An interview for the podcast VOVESTYKKET about entrepreneurship and teams (podcast in Danish)

04.09.207: A long interview for the HK SAMDATA podcast about continous learning and education in the workplace (podcast in Danish)

16.07.2017: Episode 4: Distribueret lederskab – delegering, mandag og empowerment (danish podcast)

25.06.2017: Leave work (newsletter)

11.06.2017: Episode 3: Hvad har robotter med ledelse at gøre? (danish podcast)

19.05.2017: Episode 2: Teams-of-teams og din nye lederrolle (danish podcast)

18.04.2017: Episode 1: Balancen mellem at være drevet af formål og profit (danish podcast)

17.04.2017: The great disconnect (newsletter)

05.02.2017: People first (newsletter)

02.02.2017: I have hired a robot. His name is Leo (blog)

01.02.2017: Appears in DojoLIVE! with an hour on future of work: “Do I REALLY need a manager?” (video)

22.11.2016: 5 traits of transformative leaders (blog)

11.09.2016: Do you know what it takes? (newsletter)

08.09.2016: A missing link in purpose-driven leadership: feedback loops (blog)

06.09.2016: En videoguide til Future of Work (danish video)

03.08.2016: Reflection (newsletter)

04.07.2016: Get updated on leadership, when you are done playing with the rest of the family by the pool (newsletter)

01.06.2016: Fremtidens forandringer kræver ny lydhør lederrolle (Ledelse i Dag, Danish)

31.05.2016: Tool: How to create your organizations WHY (blog)

31.05.2016: What would you do, if you weren’t afraid? (newsletter)

03.05.2016: My manager is a computer (newsletter)

23.04.2016: Robo-boss: Hell or help? (blog)

27.03.2016: Responsive Leadership – a guide (blog)

01.03.2016: Interview for the podcast “The Reimagining Work Podcast” about the future of work and the future of leadership (podcast)

26.02.2016: Agile leadership, great questions (newsletter)

15.02.2016: How transparent should I be? (blog)

09.02.2016: The thing about purpose (blog)

02.02.2016: Cry wolf? (newsletter)

31.01.2016: Leadership FAQ: What is the new role of the manager? (blog)

18.01.2016: 8 things that replaces performance reviews (blog)

14.01.2016: Ready for the future of work? (newsletter)

10.01.2016: Dear Manager, performance reviews do not work (blog)

07.01.2016: An easy way to measure employee happiness (blog)

18.12.2015: Why relations beat skills in teamwork (blog)

01.12.2015: The Mindset Of a Leader (e-book)

14.11.2015: Interview for the podcast “Startupsnakken” about engagement and leadership in a startup (podcast in Danish)

01.08.2015: Den danske transformation – profit skal give mening, (Ledelse i Dag, Danish, co-written with Maiken Piil)

06.04.2015: 9 elements of future of work (SlideShare)

29.03.2015: What is your organizations ‘Kevin Bacon number’? (blog)

14.02.2015: Interview for the podcast “Help Marketing” about how to conduct an organizational network analysis (podcast)

12.10.2014: Chemistry for leaders 101 (blog)

28.09.2014: Learnings: When employees praise each other in public, good stuff happens! (blog)