How to stay relevant Photo by Jamakassi on Unsplash

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about about how to stay relevant in a constantly changing world. Enjoy our collection on how to stay relevant, and hopefully you’ll find it to be highly relevant. Also, we hope you’ll be inspired to take action creating organizations  of relevance where people wants to show up!


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29.06.2018: Er din forretningsmodel (stadig) relevant? (podcast in Danish)

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20.06.2018: What Skills Do Leaders Need to Stay Relevant in a Changing World? (article for Training Industry Inc.)

09.06.2018: How to stay relevant in a constantly changing world

05.06.2018: Episode 12: Hold dig relevant i din ledergerning (podcast in Danish)

26.05.2018: Episode 11: Livslang læring (podcast in Danish)

10.05.2018: Staying relevant in the Future of Work by re-framing your Blue Ocean

13.04.2018: How do you stay relevant? (Newsletter)

09.04.2018: Episode 10: Hvordan forbliver du relevant? (podcast in Danish)