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On this page, you’ll find all of our content within the specific topic of Innovation. The different articles, blogs and podcasts are all located on different platforms. Therefore, we provide this content bank for you to enjoy and get inspired by. We hope this will help you taking action in creating organizations where people wants to show up!


14.02.2018: Collateral effects of working with innovation (newsletter)

06.02.2018: Episode 7: Vær innovativ med dit lederskab! (danish podcast)

24.01.2018: Remember culture when innovating (newsletter)

19.01.2018: Driving the change that innovation brings (blog)

11.01.2018: Episode 6: Hvorfor være innovativ, og hvor starter du, hvis du gerne vil i gang? (danish podcast)

22.12.2017: Do you have innovation as a habit? (newsletter)

20.12.2017: Should Innovation start from the top or the bottom? (blog)

12.12.2017: Tool for hypothesis-driven experimentation and innovation (blog)

23.11.2017: What are innovation speedboats – and how do you scale them to your need? (blog)

13.12.2017: What does innovation tast like in the future of work? (LinkedIn)

08.12.2017: Less product thinking – more problem solving (LinkedIn)

29.11.2017: What is your approach to innovation? (newsletter)

19.11.2017: Episode 5: Det innovative mindset og lysten til at innovere (danish podcast)

01.11.2017: Map your innovation spectrum and transform your business (blog)

25.10.2017: The Innovation matrix – and the leadership approaches (SlideShare)

25.09.2017: Innovation as Usual (newsletter)