This page collects all the content being produced in the context of the book: The Responsive Leader by Erik Korsvik Østergaard. The different articles have all been published on different platforms, therefore, this collection for you to navigate in. We hope you’ll enjoy this media overview and maybe even read more about the book itself.


08.10.2018: How to be innovative with your leadership: A practical guide (article in Training Magazine)

20.06.2018: The Responsive Leader (article in Thinkers50)

20.06.2018: What Skills Do Leaders Need to Stay Relevant in a Changing World? (article for Training Industry Inc.)

11.06.2018: Væn dig til ’Findes der ikke en app til det?’-ledelse (op-ed in Mandag Morgen, in Danish)

04.06.2018: Everybody, Keep Learning (article in Leadership Matters)

11.05.2018: How to use diversity to create ‘good friction’ (second article in HR Zone)

06.05.2018:  Op på tæerne-ledelse i en digital verden (op-ed in Mandag Morgen Next, in Danish)

04.05.2018: Using Social Capital as a leadership principle for sustainability (third article in a series of three in India CSR)

03.05.2018: Performance management: the new triple bottom line (article in HR Zone)

18.04.2018: 30 minutes webinar about the book, “The Responsive Leader” (webinar in English)

17.04.2018: When your culture is your product (article in Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s new media platform)

16.04.2018: How to use your time right as an entrepreneur (article in MI Business Mag)

05.04.2018: Key note: The leader of the future is responsive (25 minutes video of key note at “The future of People@Work” hosted by Founders)

03.04.2018: Beyond Digital m. Erik Korsvik Østergaard; The Essentials (podcast for BeyondDigital, in Danish)

01.04.2018: Du holder vel en 1:1 via FaceTime? (op-ed in Mandag Morgen Next, in Danish)

29.03.2018: How do you Measure the Impact of your Purpose? (second article in a series of three in India CSR)

27.03.2018: Sådan forstår du de nye paradigmer i fremtidens arbejde (podcast for BeyondDigital, in Danish)

13.03.2018: The mindset of a responsive and modern leader (article in HRD Connect)

01.03.2018: The Modern Leader Must Be a Social Visionary (first article in a series of three in India CSR)

26.02.2018: Building organizations, where people want to show up (article in Thrive, Arianna Huffington’s new media platform)

17.02.2018: Episode 8: Behind the book special (danish podcast)

12.02.2018: Agil strategi i en foranderlig hverdag (article for Djøf, in Danish)

04.02.2018: Undervurdér aldrig effekten af en velplaceret selfie (op-ed in Mandag Morgen Next, in Danish)

31.01.2018: The roles of the modern, responsive leader (article in AMBITION/MBAworld)

10.01.2018: How modern leaders measure their success (article in Dialogue Review)

28.12.2017: What is the place for modern, responsive leadership in 2018? (article at Vunela)

20.12.2017: Embrace the Paradigm Shift (article at EnSpirit Global)

12.12.2017: How does the modern leader set goals and measure success? (article at Marketing and Networking University)


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