This is our all-time collection of content about Unboss. Most of this content is from before 2017, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant anymore. Dive in, get inspired and read more about how to create organizations where people wants to show up!


09.06.2014: Unboss in daily life, 7: From why to what (blog/video)

30.04.2014: Unboss i praksis, 6: Skalering til projekt og afdeling (danish video)

14.01.2014: Unboss i praksis, 5: motivationsteori i praksis (danish video)

30.12.2013: 4 videoer: Unboss i praksis (danish video)

11.07.2013: 3+7+1 ting du skal mestre på dit job (danish blog)

22.11.2012: De 4 P’er: Purpose – Passion – Progress – Profit (danish blog)

13.11.2012: Formål, formål, formål! (danish blog)

02.11.2012: Fra best practice til next practice – en ny start på ledelse (danish blog)

17.10.2012: Ikke kun “flere kvinder i ledelse”, men “gentænkt ledelse” (danish blog)

10.10.2012: Motivation theory in real life – with Daniel Pink’s “Drive” and Kolind/Bøtters “Unboss” (blog)