This page contains a condensed summary of what an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is.

It contains a brief description of an ONA and a number of resources that you can use for either gaining understanding or distribution in your organization.

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An ONA is a mathematical way of mapping and illustrating networks in an organization. We investigate this by conducting a survey in the organization, asking the employees to name their most used relations.


To create an overview of what the relations and network structures really look like in the organization. To make informed decisions on what the organization should focus on in the future with regards to collaborations, leadership development, relations, and culture.


Conduct an ONA via execution of a survey. Map the relations on several dimensions. Analyze the input. Present and debate the results.


Mapping of the actual social capital in the organization. Mapping of bottlenecks and vulnerabilities. Identifying the level of “siloing”. Finding key persons and change agents.


Used for strategic work, change management, involvement, and cultural development.

Selected case companies: A large Danish bank, a service company, four IT consultancies, a large Danish public organization.


Introduction in English

Product sheet UK

Introduktion på dansk

Produktblad DK

Interview about the ONA with Erik Korsvik Østergaard in the podcast “Help Marketing” (34 mins in Danish).

Short video introduction in Danish (5 mins). Can be used for internal introduction for an ONA.