Peak Your Performance – Leadership Week – tilmelding

Peak Your Performance – Leadership Week – is for you who wish to strengthen yourself and your leadership through a developmental and result-oriented course. The course focuses on two themes:

The Leader of the Future and The Healthy Leader

Peak Your Performance – Leadership Week is a collaboration between Club La Santa and Bloch&Østergaard. See the programme here!

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Erik Korsvik Østergaard  starts with the most important megatrends that you as leader should navigate at a time when everything is interchangeable, unpredictable
and complex. His focus is the concept of digitalization, and what new generations mean for your leadership.

You will learn more about mindset and behaviour, areas that you as a leader will master for future success and take away a whole new leadership toolbox.

The session involves the latest theories of management thought, including responsive organizations, exponential organizations, the lean start-up and Simon Sinek.

The session is a combination of contributions, exercises, case studies and theory and is adapted to your situation.




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