Puk Falkenberg


Puk creates value as advisor and hands-on executer on change projects and organisational development activities.

She is our lead on organisational change management and digital transformations when it comes to collaboration, communication, and social media in the modern workplace.

(45) 3146 1232


    Puk (b. 1988) joined Bloch&Østergaard in September 2017, first as advisor and now as partner.

    Puk holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark, with a focus on organisational change management, and a bachelor in German Language and Culture.

    In Bloch&Østergaard, Puk provides support on change management projects and organisational transformations, based both on her experiences with digital communication and on her thesis on change management and knowledge management.

    With a background as strategist and hands-on executer on digital mechanisms for collaboration, communication, and social media, Puk helps organisations embrace the digital transformation. This covers setting direction, administrating tools, training, and operational support, until the customer is self-propelled.

    Puk also acts as public speaker and host on our podcast “Fremtidens Ledelse To-Go”, and is co-host on the podcast “Digitale Tanker”.