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Special: First day of Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017

One of the first speakers, Thomas Wedell-Wedelsborg, asks the audience to turn to their neighbor, introduce themselves and then talk about how we can reframe “the slow elevator” problem. We all start buzzing.

One minute later, Thomas is eager to get the attention back on stage, but the buzz is to loud. It takes him a couple of attempts before the attention is back, as everyone, including us, were already deeply invested in the topic of the conference: Growth and inclusive prosperity.

This is a blog special about what we heard, learned and was inspired by at the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017.

It’s all about asking the right question

The first day of the 9th annual Global Peter Drucker Forum sets of with how we can reframe, and ask the right questions. Here are some of our take-homes:

  1. Scrum fits the philosophy of the theme of inclusive prosperity
  2. Reframing the problem – new lenses. Helps us focus on problem solving, not on product polishing
  3. Three pieces of advice to CEOs that want to do things differently: Be wrong, be uncomfortable, and be quiet.
  4. Certitude and Isolation is bad to problem solving.
  5. To solve complex problems: look cross boundaries.
  6. Redefine growth to include value creation and non-financial wealth: Humanistic growth = longevity x inclusiveness x humanity.
  7. Polarity between the rich and poor is still growing.
  8. We have some choices to make. What do we want? Where is our moral compass pointing?
  9. The concept of connectional intelligence is the next level after IQ and EQ and NQ. It is also about connections between humans and tech.
  10. Technology do not stop people from acting in fear and anger.
  11. Block chain technology is potentially the disruption of all time.

Tomorrow we’ll have another blog special with more learnings from the Global Peter Drucker Forum 2017.

/Line, Erik and Puk

What is Drucker Forum?

Drucker Forum is an annual leadership conference in Vienna. This year it’s the 9th Global Drucker Forum with an focus on growth and future challenges. Click on the following links, if you want to know more, follow the Drucker Society European Blog or watch videos and livestream.

About the author: Puk Falkenberg

Puk acts as advisor and hands-on executer on change projects and organisational development activities.

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