Tool for Hypothesis-driven experimentation and innovation

When you launch innovation activities or projects, you never have a perfectly clear understanding of the outcome and output. You never know in detail, if your activities are worth the effort, and thus it’s hard to justify the funding and resources allocation. How can you claim, that the investment will be fruitful?

You need to embrace this amount of uncertainty and risk, but there is a safe way of doing so. It provides transparency in your train of thoughts and activities, and gives comfort to you, your team, and stakeholders: Use hypothesis-driven experiments.


Tool: How to create your organizations WHY


Our mission and purpose is … what?

The past few weeks I’ve both seen some presentations on how to find your organizations WHY and purpose, and I have been part of such process myself in an organization.

Here’s one of my tools for creating your organizations WHY, based on +50 workshops in organizations and teams over the last years.


Step 1: Understand why you need a WHY

Get acquainted with the philosophy and psychology behind having a purpose. Here are some good places to start: