Yes, it’s as simple as that: work should be nice. And great. And awesome.

If it’s not, you should change it.

Your life quality depends on it. The quality of your work depends on it.

It is scientifically proven that great workplaces have fewer sick days, higher employee satisfaction, happier customers, and better financials. They have better collaboration, higher product quality, broader stakeholder involvement. And makes more money.

Apart from the science and documentation it just makes plain sense: work should be great. Why choose to stay in something that leaves you unhappy?

A great workplace comes from three things:

Your work has to be meaningful and purpose-driven.
You need engagement and relations.
You must create value and results.

It’s that simple.

And oh, it’s relevant for YOU even if you’re the CEO.

Don’t just think of it as being relevant for the organization and something you need the HR department to deliver. You as the CEO has to take lead to make it happen. You are the role model. You go first.

… And by the way; is work great for you – personally? If not, let’s change it.

approach to future of work


We strive to help you build organizations that are fit for the future and for human beings.

We make sure that both strategy, leadership, and HR are part of the C-level debate and discussions.

We believe in doing well by doing good.

We believe that happy employees are more loyal and more productive. They create happy customers, thereby creating better financials.

We believe that work should be nice, great and awesome!

Our cause is to make it happen – with you

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